A new delightful aspect of Greece that is worth a visit!

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum is proposing an amazing experience: Truffle hunting under the rocks of Meteora! In the beautiful and unknown forests of the region, near the city of Kalampaka, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a unique truffle hunting, taste a delicious pasta dish with truffles that are found by truffle dogs, try various mushroom products, get to know the spoon sweet mushroom, to enjoy excellent wine, as well as to cool off with a quality soft drink. The experience is completed with a tour of the Museum.

This is a complete suggestion, which is unique in Greece. The comparison with similar foreign activities indicates qualitative and economically superiority.

Experience the difference and enjoy!



Meteora: An amazing truffle hunting area in Greece

The area of Meteora is a suitable place for truffle hunting development. In the region, you can find wild truffles. It is also an easily accessible place, where a bus can reach very comfortably the truffle hunting areas.

The truffle hunting area is charming, the truffle hunting itself is amazing and the truffle pasta dish that is cooked with the found truffles is unforgettable! The fact that this proposal is combined with a visit to one of the few Mushroom Museums in the world and the mushroom product tasting, creates an original and unique experience.

The number of participants is between 1 and 50 people.


The truffle hunting

Truffle hunting at Meteora

The truffle hunter and the truffle dogs are waiting for us! The moment we meet the truffle hunting begins. We discover the first truffle, the second, the third… The dogs are unstoppable, and we don’t lose them from our sight. After a while, they stop. They have shown us their skills and enjoy the caresses and rewards from us.

Mushroom product tasting

After the truffle hunting, the delicious pleasures begin. Various types of mushrooms, from the products of the Museum, are waiting for us. In the shade of centuries-old trees, we taste their flavours while the bottles of wine open and our palate experiences unique moments.

mushroom product tasting

The truffle pasta dish


Chefs take the baton! One or more of the Museum’s chefs start the truffle pasta cooking. An innovative pan that can fill 50 dishes is used. They will cook a super delicious truffle pasta dish with some wild mushrooms too. During the cooking process, they reveal the secrets of the truffle. Truffle pasta is served and a tasting paradise is unveiled!


The Museum


Truffle hunting - Mushroom Museum guided tour

After lunch, we return to the Museum. We are tour guided around with an emphasis on mushrooms and especially on their nutritional and therapeutic value. The surprise however that awaits us, is the Museum’s shop, where we will find about 70 different mushroom products that the Museum has created. Their exceptional package along with their high quality make them an ideal gift for our favourite ones!

The programme

The duration of the program is about 3 hours, while the start is determined each time according to the participants’ needs and the Museum’s obligations.