Truffle News

13 August 2016

Truffle hunting as it is presented in “The XFun Foodie Club”

The Chinese show of traveling and eating experiences «The XFun Foodie Club» is presenting the truffle hunting experience.  
25 July 2016

Truffle hunting on 21th of July 2016

21th of July 2016 was another day of truffle hunting! Foreign visitors enjoyed the experience of truffle hunting and also the truffle pasta dish, the guided tour […]
15 July 2016

Truffle hunting, hosted by the Museum will be aired in China!

On Monday 16th of May, the Museum organized and hosted a truffle hunting experience for the presenters and the crew of the most popular travel and […]
13 July 2016

5th of June 2016

In the truffle hunting of 5th of June 2016 members of the board of the Greek Mushroom Society took place. They were thrilled by the experience […]