Truffle Hunting on October 14th by the Museum

The program of the 4th Mushroom Festival
17 August 2018
Our collaboration with National Geographic continues for second year in a row
3 March 2020
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The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum schedules Truffle Hunting at Meteora, on Sunday 12th of August.

Visitors to Meteora’s area can take part in a different experience; Truffle Hunting at Meteora! The program lasts 3 hours and includes:

  1. Truffle Hunting with special trained dogs in the forest
  2. Truffle pasta dish cooking in the forest
  3. Visit and Guided tour around the Museum
  4. Mushroom product tasting

For further information or registrations, please contact or, or call the Museum at +30 2432024959.