Truffle hunting dogs

Κυνήγι Τρούφας

There are many dog breeds like Setter, Pointer, Labrador, Lagotto Romagnolo and other that can be used as truffle hunting dogs. Every breed has some specific characteristics and it is in the hands of the truffle hunter how he will work with them. Some breeds work with the air, which means that they can distance themselves from their owner and some are tracers and work closer to him. The ideal dog is the one that can combine both qualities.

Lagotto Romagnolo is an exceptional breed for truffle hunting and it is Italian. This is the only breed in the world in which truffle hunting is triggered by their natural instincts. They can follow basic training from the second month of their lives. The training is completed when they are six months old.

The base of the training is love for the dog and patience. The dog can learn through games with truffles. In the third year of its life the dog is completely ready and mature for truffle hunting.

Beside the choice of the right breed, the protagonist of truffle hunting is the hunter. He accomplishes the 70% of the work. He needs to know where he will let the dog search for truffles (season, ground, altitude, kind of truffle It is essential also to trust and to be loyal to the dog. This will lead to discovering truffles. If something is not working as it should be it is because the hunter has made one or more mistakes. There are not any absolute rules for the places that truffle can be found.


 Research and writing: Chirstos Plesiotis