Truffle Hunting at Meteora season starts in early April

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2 March 2017
Truffle Hunting on Monday, 9 of April
5 April 2018
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Four truffle hunters, five special trained dogs, and seven chefs are waiting for you

The Truffle Hunting’s season, hosted by the Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum, starts in early April and lasts until October. It is an original and unique suggestion, not only in Greece but in Europe as well.

Special trained dogs search and find truffles. Experienced chefs will turn these truffles into a delicious truffle pasta, using an impressive cooking pan, which will be served to the participants.

Tour operators, mostly from USA and Canada, have already made their interest in the Truffle Hunting activity more than obvious and many tours have been arranged. That makes clear that, besides sun and sea, Greece can offer a variety of unique activities that can be attractive.

The increased interest in the Museum’s Truffle Hunting activity made the activity’s team bigger. Now, the team consists of four(!) truffle hunters, five(!) special trained dogs and seven(!) chefs. The Truffle Hunters along their trained dogs are Panayiotis Varipatis, Evangelia Gazi, Konstantinos Vainas and Ioannis Ginis, while the chefs are Nikolaos Mpantekas, Elias Sgouralis, Konstantinos Zigourakis, Christos Papageorgopoulos, Dimitris Mpoutis, Dimitris Fourkiotis and Ioannis Pissas.
Truffle hunting
After the end of Truffle Hunting, the participants visit the Museum. There, they are guided around the Natural History Museum and the unique Mushroom Museum. After that, they can enjoy a mushroom product tasting.

Undoubtedly, it is a unique offer that everyone can enjoy! The cost is even more affordable for groups of students that wish to live this experience. For more information, you can visit the or contact the Museum at and