Truffle Hunting at Meteora at Planet Fungi

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5 August 2023
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23 October 2023
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Photographer Stephen Axford and filmmaker Catherine Marciniak have been running Planet Fungi for a decade. It is a unique website, which features many videos and photos, about mushrooms.

It is an excellent project, which aims to highlight the role of mushrooms-fungi and how vital they are to life on the planet. It is no coincidence that some of their work has been included in David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth II”, as well as in the unique Netflix documentary “Fantastic Fungi”, and many, many of their photographs have been featured in international nature magazines.

Stephen and Catherine recently visited the Museum and took part in Truffle Hunting at Meteora. In addition to being impressed by the whole event, which they expressed in a letter to the Museum’s director, Nikos Pallas, they also made a very nice video, which they uploaded to their YouTube and Facebook pages (here).

We thank them very much for this.