The truffle hunting season starts at 26th March!

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13 August 2016
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2 March 2017
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The truffle hunting season starts at 26th March

Every Sunday it is available for individuals


The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum is constantly trying to highlight alternative touristic activities that reveal the nature’s wealth. Therefore, it is hosting truffle hunting in the wider are of Meteora.

Well-trained truffle dogs with their trainer are searching for this rear fruit of the Greek nature and in the same time they offer a unique experience.

The new truffle hunting season begins on Sunday 26th March and it will last until the end of October 2017.

During this period, truffle hunting for groups will take place any day, while individuals can participate EVERY SUNDAY, provided there will be at least 10 participants.


The truffle hunting program includes:

  1. Truffle hunting with well-trained truffle dogs
  2. Cooking and enjoying a truffle pasta dish in the woods
  3. Visiting the Museum and tour guided around
  4. Tasting of various mushroom products.


It is without question a fabulous experience and it is the first time in Greece that truffle hunting is hosted in a such well organized and professional way.

For more information and spot reservation, call 00302432024959 or