La Trufa Negra

The truffle hunting season starts at 26th March!
22 February 2017
Truffle Hunting at Meteora season starts in early April
26 March 2018
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La Trufa Negra is a mini doc about the ‘black truffle boom’ that is taking place in the mountainous region of Teruel, Spain, one of the poorest and least developed of the country. The fields around the villages of Sarrión, Manzanera and Mora de Rubielos are covered with oaks ‘hosting’ in their roots what is actually considered to be the biggest crop of Tuber melanosporum in the world.

The truffle cultivation started 30 years ago mostly out of desperation as the land there was too poor for other crops.The truffle businesses are run mainly by families. The major part of their production is sold wholesale to France.